Monday, September 14, 2015

Wildfire Update: Prayers for Napa and Sonoma Counties, California

The Isis Chapel at Isis Oasis Retreat Center: photo, Loreon Vigne

Received from Rain Graves, regarding fires in northern California: "Friends, they are evacuating up North. If you know anyone who needs a place to go, Isis Oasis is taking as many as we can. Please connect with your friends in Calistoga, Harbin, Napa off the 29, Berryessa, and Lake County."

And From Mana Youngbear: “Isis Oasis is safe. I want to assure those who are concerned, Isis Oasis is surrounded by highways and grape vineyards, and is next door to the Geyserville Fire Department. The Fire Department feels confident that Geyserville is going to be fine. It’s the very best place to be. Naturally ... so I am relieved. Put a shout out to everyone at the Isis Oasis Sanctuary for helping the evacuees of the Valley Fires. If anyone wants to donate to their cause, let me know.”

From Linda Iles: “Isis Oasis is serving as a sanctuary at this time not only for human evacuees, but also for animals in some cases. Loreon was well respected in her local community and hosted the annual dinner for the Chamber of Commerce in Geyserville. The local chapter of the Red Cross is directing those who must evacuate to contact Isis Oasis. The director of Isis Oasis, deTraci Regula, and the staff are dedicated to helping as many in need as they possibly can.”
A notice from Rain Graves, Director of Fundraising at Isis Oasis Retreat Center:

We are 22% funded towards our goal of $4000, which in the grand scheme of things isn't much, but for us, it's a heck of a lot. This money is buying toiletries, gas, and food for three meals a day for those staying with us. Many are from Harbin.

As the Red Cross is stretched to capacity, we are lucky to be able to accept all we can fit on our ten acres here at Isis Oasis. 
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