Monday, March 20, 2023

Happy Anniversary to the Fellowship of Isis!


Blessed Vernal Equinox, Aset Shemsu! Today we honor the founding of the Fellowship of Isis, which was established on theVernal Equinox in 1976. Did you ever wonder why the founders chose this date? Olivia expressed her views in an interview given at the Nesu House, Isis Oasis, in 2003. She offered some beautiful insights the reasoning why this date was chosen, including this passage: "Spring marked the time of ancient Egyptian harvest. My brother, through his studies, discovered the four faces of Khufu’s pyramid are slightly concave - as commented upon by Petrie; the intent of this construction may have marked advent of the equinoxes. Lawrence discovered the pillar of Osiris, known as the djed, was used as a kind of celestial measuring-pole. The djed, when shown tilted, symbolised the Autumn Equinox and the confinement of Osiris within the coffin; whereas the djed when upright, denotes the Spring Equinox and the recovery of Osiris by Isis." You can read the whole interview at the link below.

Photo courtesy of Loreon Vigne