Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Isian News Issue No. 157, Lughnasadh 2015

Summer Greetings Aset Shemsu! Isian News, Issue No. 157, Lughnasadh, 2015 issue has just been published. A previously unpublished editorial by Olivia Robertson and an article about an early FOI member, Brownie Pate, including a photo of her membership certificate from July, 1976.

Cover: Photo of Olivia Robertson conducting an Isis Wedding Rite at Summer Solstice by Dennis Murphy of Logic Realty; Oracle of the Goddess Isis by Olivia Robertson; Editorial: “I Imagine – Therefore I Create” by Olivia Robertson; FOI History: Brownie Pate: An Early FOI Member; First Iseums and Lyceums; Goddess Cesara by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson; Fellowship of Isis Daily Attunement Times; Witches Brew Magazine and Cauldron Radio; FOI Events; Special Report: Inner Sanctum Symposium on Infinite Possibilities, with photos; Apparition of the Goddess Dana by Carolina A. Amor, Apparition of the Goddess Dana by Tracy Kronzak; Books and Publications By Members: “The Magic of the Summer Solstice” by Danu Forest; Muses Symposium: Articles & Poems; News from Members and Centers: Appointments, Centers, Experiences; Dulce Domum.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Veil of the Goddess of Mysteries

"The Fates and the Oracles have to be veiled: Only the true seeker may face Them. So I rushed upstairs and found a beautifully embroidered black shawl. I arranged it under a cloth depicting two huge Ancient Egyptian Eyes, so that the veils blocked the Portal. The effect was magical! To enter the Cave of the Mothers one now has to lift the veil concealing the Goddess of the Mysteries.

What is the Veil of Isis? Mysterious and compelling, transparent yet concealing, it is the atmosphere that cloaks our earth. Psychically it is the radiating aura that surrounds each of us, wrapping us in our hopes and visions. Above all, the Mystic Veil gives us the promise of Divinity awaiting us just round the corner – if only we have the courage to lift the Veil." ~ quote from FOI Co-Founder, Olivia Robertson

(Photo of veiled entrance by Olivia Robertson, Photo of revealed Cave of the Mothers by David de Roeck)