Friday, November 30, 2018

Wings of Spirit

“Isis of Ten Thousand Names, Who protecteth the soul with Thy feathery wings of the Kite; Whose blood, enchantments and power strengthen the soul, inspire us with Thy breath of the West Wind. Winged Goddess Who concealeth Thy brow with Thy long hair, spread Thy hair of enchantment and shake it over the brow of Thy Devotees. Breathe into us Thy Breath of life and health and strength. Restore us to life, as Thou gavest life to Thy Husband, Osiris.” 

~ Olivia Robertson, Invocation to the Goddess Isis of Egypt and Hellas, in “Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess,” in ‘Part VI. We Face the Mysteries’.

Art: “We All Have Wings of Spirit” by Olivia Robertson

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Remembering Olivia Robertson

Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis passed into spirit sphere on the evening of November 14, 2013. We remember her today, and continue to honor her legacy and memory with loving respect. Perhaps the best tribute to her can be found in these words she received through divine inspiration:

“Death is for the ignorant! Immortality is for those who know the truth! Develop your psychic and spiritual gifts, so that not only will you recognize this “death” as the impostor it is, but you will help others to lose any fear … Reunion with those you love is certain … Manifest your Divine Origin which is born from the Mother of All, Nuit, Whose children are immortal like unto Herself. Nourish then all good gifts in each person and each being, and you strengthen the harmony between the Divine Sphere of Heaven with its transient reflection which is this world. There is no death. Love is eternal.”

(Quote: excerpt from the Oracle of the Goddess Isis in ‘Dulce Domum. The Soul Returns Home’, ritual no. 4, in “Panthea, Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess.”)

Photo: Olivia in the mid nineteen-eighties
For more information on the life and work of Olivia Robertson, please visit:

For Those in Need

May the love, compassion and wisdom of the Great Mother touch the lives of all who need her comfort, her healing and her strength.

(Photo: painting of the goddess Dana by Olivia Robertson taken by John Merron.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

FOI Liturgy Circle 2019

2019 Fellowship of Isis Liturgy Circle
11th Year of Offerings of Public Rites by Lyceum of Isis of Uta-Ha

“Dea, Goddess Rites & Mysteries” by Olivia Robertson, FOI Co-Founder

Magi Degree Rites for the Lyceums of the College of Isis
(Magi Degrees: Rites 8 – 12  in “Dea”)

Adepti Degree Rites for Iseums or Lyceums of the College of Isis
(Adepti Degrees: Rites 1 – 7 in “Dea”)

Second Sunday each month at 1 pm Pacific / 2 pm Mountain Standard Time

All welcome to attend or attune.  Participation is free. However donations are accepted at physical locations hosting the liturgy circle.

College of Isis degree certification offered through the College of Isis via

January: Rite 1.  “Dedication of a Shrine to Isis: Oracle of the Goddess Isis”
February: Rite 10.  1st Cosmic Ray (Red, NE to Center) “The Mystery of Demeter and Persephone”
March: Rite 11. 2nd Cosmic Ray (Orange, East to Center) “The Mystery of Eros and Psyche”
April: Rite 4. “Spring: Rite of Good Health.  Oracle of the Goddess Dana”
May: Rite 12. 3rd Cosmic Ray (Yellow, SE to Center) “The Mystery of the Labyrinth: Oracle of the Goddesss Ariadne”
June: Rite 2. “Dawn.  Rite of Abundance.  Oracle of the Goddess Ama-Terasu-O-Mi-Kami” (Note:  Rite time may change to accommodate morning observance)
July:  Rite 5. “Summer Ritual of the Sun: Oracle of the Goddess Grainne”
August: Rite 3. “Evening: Rite of the Five Elements.  Oracle of the Goddess Sarasvati”  (Note:  Rite time may change to accommodate evening observance)
September: Rite 6. “Autumn: Litany of the Earth. Oracle of the Goddess Hathor”
October: Rite 8. 7th Cosmic Ray (Violet, NW to Center) “The Mystery of Awakening Osiris: Oracle of the Goddess Isis”
November:  Rite 7. “Winter: Star Rite.  Oracle of the Goddess Rhea”
December:  Rite 9. Cosmic Ray 0 & 8 (White & Rainbow, North to Center) “Mystery of the Spheres: Oracle of the Goddess Nuit”

Special thanks to Fellowship of Isis Central web-hearth for their offering of the liturgy and support!

(Dea: rites 8 – 12)

(Dea: rites 1 – 7)

FOI Central Website:

Blessings of Isis of 10,000 Names!!!

Fellowship of Isis Utah - The Lyceum of Isis of Utah:

Friday, November 2, 2018

Oracle of the Season

The Goddess Nuit by Olivia Robertson

A new Oracle of the Season - the oracle of the Goddess Nuit from ritual no. 9, "Mystery of the Spheres" in "Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess, by Olivia Robertson, has just been uploaded.

Fellowship of Isis Glossary

 Olivia in her Study, photo courtesy of 
Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality

The Fellowship of Isis Glossary lists the many titles, designations and brief explanations of concepts and structure within the Fellowship of Isis, in all branches, including the College of Isis Magi Degree System, Spiral of Adepti, Solar Alchemy, Druid Clan of Dana and Noble Order of Tara.

FOI Liturgy Translation

A new translation of an FOI liturgy ritual from English into French has been uploaded to FOI Central. ritual no. 4, L’eveil du Serpent de la Kundalini, from "Melusina, Life Centers of the Goddess." Heartfelt thanks to Rarius for all his hard work, and to Sarah for her continuing support!