Monday, October 30, 2017

Isian News Samhain 2017

Greetings! The 2017 Samhain issue of Isian News is now available online. The staff of Isian News extends gratitude to all who contributed to this issue. May you all enjoy a rich and warm upcoming holiday season. Blessings and Love to All.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Message from Isis Oasis - Northern California Wildfires

Because so many of you have inquired after the well-being of those who attended the FOI Convocation, and for the staff and property of Isis Oasis, the following is posted here:

Received from deTraci Regula
Director, Isis Oasis Sanctuary
October 17, 2017

We are blessed. Fires in the area surrounding us are contained. Thankfully the Advisory Evacuation notice was lifted. All of our animals have been safely returned. Isis Oasis is currently hosting evacuees. The Santa Rosa Evacuation Center has been sending those in need to us for shelter. There is lingering smoke here and in other areas of Sonoma County.

We are so grateful for messages of love, support and prayers received from members worldwide. At times the situation caused us great concern for our safety. We felt blessed by the prayers of those who hold us in their hearts. We are grateful for what we have, and for what we can still offer to the community, as so many around us have suffered devastating loss. We give thanks above all, to Isis, Our Mother, for Her strength and protection. May we go forth united in loving intent in Her Name.

Because of the fires we have received several cancellations of upcoming stays and events. Added to this, we are using our resources to aid those who have come for shelter on our property. Donations are welcome. You may donate through PayPal, our e-mail address is More information is available on our website:

Another way to offer support, is for those who are able to attend our upcoming inauguration of a new annual event for Samhain, consisting of dinner and a magical play written by FOI/TOI priestess Annie Waters on Sunday, November 5. The theme of this year’s event focuses on the Mystery of Isis and Osiris, and in particular, his resurrection and rebirth. For more information write to us at the e-mail address above, or call our office at 707-857-4747.

Thank you so very, very much. May you all be richly blessed.

deTraci Regula
Director, Isis Oasis Retreat Center

Board Members:
Linda Iles
Arisa Victor

Isis Oasis Sanctuary
Temple of Isis Headquarters
Legal Branch of the Fellowship of Isis Clergy (as designated by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson)