Wednesday, December 12, 2018

New Italian Transations

Three new translations of the FOI Liturgy from English to Italian have been uploaded to Fellowship of Isis Central. The materials are: “Una Prefazione e Introduzione alla cerimonia” (Preface and Introduction to the Ordination Rite), “Ordinazione di Sacerdotesse e Sacerdoti” (Ordination of Priestesses and Priests) and “Introduzione: l'uso dei Riti e i Misteri” (the Introduction to Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess). These translations are a collaborative work between Ivana Modesto and Aglaia Francesca. With Heartfelt Thanks to you both, for all you do. These materials and all other translations into Italian are available here: Translations – Italian - Compagnia di Iside in the liturgy section on the FOI Central Website.

Monday, December 3, 2018

New FOI Liturgy Translations

New translations of FOI liturgy rituals from English into French have been uploaded to FOI Central, Rituel 5. La création des formes de vie (The Creation of Life Forms) from "Melusina, Life Centers of the Goddess" and Rituel 2. Aube. Rite de l'Abondance from "Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess."Both of these translations have been performed by Rarius Chandalen of L'Lyceum (Sanctuaire d'Isis) des Sentiers d'Avalon in France. Heartfelt thanks to Rarius for all his hard work, and to Sarah Rooke his teacher and mentor, of Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars, UK, for her continuing support!

A new translation of an FOI liturgy ritual from English into Italian has been uploaded to FOI Central, ritual no. 11, Mistero di Eros e Psiche (Mystery of Eros and Psyche) from “Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess,” has been uploaded to FOI Central. The translation was done by FOI Priestess Ivana Modesto of Italy. Thank you so much to Ivana who was mentored for her training by Aglaia Francesca of the Lyceum of the Divine Meow in Palermo, Italy. Aglaia has provided several translations of rituals into Italian in the past. We are grateful for the continued support of this wonderful community in Italy!

Photo: Olivia Robertson signing one of her liturgy books in her study. Courtesy of Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality. Used by Permission.