Sunday, May 21, 2023

A Safe Haven


Everyone deserves a peaceful and safe home – this can take the form of a physical home, a hearth dedicated to the Goddess, it can also be a quiet place within oneself, where our heart is the altar of the Goddess (or the God). As we walk upon this earth, we know our time upon it is limited. Earthly life provides a priceless opportunity to find internal harmony, which is expressed in the outer or material world through Temperance - uniting Justice with Compassion. And so it is within our wonderful Fellowship of Isis – we don’t point fingers, we don’t seek conflict, we do not vilify. Instead we learn, we educate, we grow.
The Fellowship of Isis was conceived, founded and dedicated to further awareness of the Divine Feminine and to bring balance between the Goddess and the God. Our purpose is to assist humanity's awakening into the Golden Age of Peace. The Age of Peace is sorely needed.
Fellowship of Isis Central exists to provide a safe haven, so that certification and degrees are not rescinded, teachers are not shamed or nullified. We honor the autonomy of the workings of every FOI center, which is inspired by the inspiration of the tutelary deity/deities of that center. If one does not agree with the workings of a center, leave the founder and the members of that group alone in peace.
The Manifesto of the Fellowship of Isis clearly outlines the principles upon which we are based, that of peace, tolerance and respect for all spiritual expression.
I say to any who need to read these words: “Sheathe the Sword.” May Healing Rays be sent forth in Peace for All FOI Members, and for All Beings.
Linda Iles
FOI Central Website Manager, member, FOI Union Triad
Photo of FOI co-founders Olivia Robertson and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, courtesy of Loreon Vigne