Friday, September 7, 2012

Facing Africa Auction 2012

Notice From Anna Curry
Daughter of Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson
Niece of Olivia Robertson
Message Received by Caroline Wise
September 7, 2012

From Caroline: “Just heard from Derry's daughter, Anna Curry, that there will be another Facing Africa art auction this year. You may remember we supported one 2 years ago. Olivia has contributed a picture of Nuit and the link below should take you to it - lot 41. The quality of all the works donated is stellar. Other members of Olivia's family have donated pieces including Anna herself, Moira, Derry's daughter-in-law, Harry, Derry's grandson, plus Lucy Raverat and several more! Africa is very important to The Fellowship of Isis, it is after all the birth place of Isis.”
Shown above: The Goddess Nuit by Olivia Robertson, donated to the Facing Africa Auction.

Photo of Olivia Robertson's painting "The Goddess Nuit" and text © Fellowship of Isis Central Website, Circle of Isis Advisory Board. All rights reserved.