Thursday, November 18, 2021

Lunar Eclipse (evening of November 18 - early morning of November 19)


“It was on the shores of Brittany Raymond de Forez, first chief of the house of Lusignan, encountered the beautiful faery Mélusine, whom he wed. Her image can be seen in the old church at Fougéres (Ille-et-Vilaine) shown combing her long hair, holding a mirror. Their descendants are both faerie and mortal. Those who carry the blood of the fey and others blessed by creative vision unite earth with the Blessed Land through the visual arts, dance, music and poetry. The sign of the eclipse of the moon assures the rising of the Blessed Isle. We, as children of the Goddess can bring the joys of the Many-Coloured Land into reality.” ~ Olivia Robertson, private letter
Note: The Lunar Eclipse begins at 11:00pm (PST) Thursday Night (November 18). Maximum eclipse will occur Friday Morning at 1:03 am (PST) (November 19). During maximum eclipse (1:03 am PST, 3:03 am CST) only a sliver at the bottom of the Moon will be lit by the Sun. The Moon should appear almost totally eclipsed, becoming orange, red, or dark gray due to sunlight refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere just as our sky looks red just after sunset.
Photo of Olivia Robertson, courtesy of Logic Reality

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Remembering Olivia Robertson


We love you Olivia and remember you on this day, which marks your transition to spirit sphere – November 14, 2013. The day that we knew would come, and yet wished it hadn’t. Our beloved FOI co-founder lives on, and her work still touches the hearts of us all. Olivia Robertson, We Say Your Name That You May Live!