Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Isian News Brigantia 2020

Greetings! Isian News Issue 175, Brigantia 2020 has been published!

Cover art: “Bast the Soul Healer” by Olivia Robertson (Original piece of art, used by permission, courtesy of Kasey Conder) Oracle: Meditation and Oracle of the Goddess Bast by Olivia Robertson. Editorial: Contemplating the Divine Feline by Linda Iles. Daily Attunement Times & FOI Daily Prayer. Announcements: New Translations of the FOI Liturgy; Prayers for Australia; Occultists’ Book of Days by Judith Page; New Book and Oracle Deck by Normandi Ellis; Travel to Egypt with Normandi Ellis and Amy Auset Rohn. FOI Events. Reports. Muses Symposium. Goddess World. Animal Family of Isis. Dulce Domum: Rita Morgan; Patricia Griffin. News from Members and Centers. FOI Manifesto. FOI Union Triad. Sister Websites: Official FOI Groups on Facebook. Michael Starsheen; Caroline Wise; Kasey Conder; David de Roeck; Hamsadevi; Celia Thomas; Mana Youngbear; Kasey Conder; Sarah Rooke; Brandon Zickerman: Mariposa; Anniitra Ravenmoon; Ivana Modesto; Rain Graves; Demetria Nanos; deTraci Regula; Justin Howard; Diveena; Marylyn Motherbear; Jeff Iles; Anandha Ray; Marie Clewley; Denise Dumars; Bea Salmon Hawk; Kenneth Bearden; Maria Agape; Luke Eastwood; Ness Bosch. Heartfelt thanks to all those members who contributed to this issue!

Oracle of the Season for Brigantia 2020

A new Oracle of the Season "Bast, Mother Goddess of the Earth" has been published. This is a transcript from a recording by Olivia Robertson. Enjoy!

(Photo of Olivia Robertson courtesy of Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality)

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Prayers for Australia

Members of the Fellowship of Isis have viewed the devastation in Australia with heavy hearts. As of 14 January 2020, the bush fires have covered an estimated 46 million acres or 186,000 square kilometers.  The loss of life, the loss of homes and of personal property is distressing enough on its own. But coupled with that, it is estimated that a billion animals have died in the wild, which may drive some already endangered species into extinction. Members of the Fellowship of Isis all over the world send their prayers to the people, animals and land of Australia. Aset Shemsu, the members of the Fellowship of Isis, continue to invoke the deities of the land for healing, protection and rebirth. Evohe Isis!