Saturday, June 29, 2019

New French Translations

Two translations of the FOI liturgy into French have been uploaded to FOI Central. They are both from the liturgy book "Melusina: Life Centres of the Goddess". With gratitude to Rarius Chandalen and Lavindelf for their work. Their sponsor is Sarah Rooke. The rituals are: Rituel 9. Musique des Spheres  and Rituel 10. Ouverture de l'oeil de vision

New Italian Translation

A new Italian translation of an FOI liturgy rite has been uploaded. It is ritual no. 3 from Sophia, Cosmic Consciousness of the Goddess. With many thanks to Ivana Modesto for her work on these translations and her sponsor Aglaia Francesca who began this work some years ago, who has encouraged and supported Ivana: 3. Risveglio mistico del Toro e Iside

Friday, June 21, 2019

Happy Summer Solstice!

"Invocation: I invoke the Sun Goddess Grainne. (Devotee drops incense on the fire or in the pot.) Divine Grainne, accept this incense, in gratitude for Thy life-giving rays.

Let there be music throughout the ceremony.

Devotee: The teaming summer has come, bringing life in its arms, and strews rosy flowers on the face of hill and dale. In lovely harmony the wood has put on its green mantle, and summer is on her throne, playing her string music. The willow whose harp hung silently when it was withered in winter, now gives forth melody - Hush! Listen! The world is alive.

Dancers glide towards the fire, and one, representing Grainne, sinks by the altar, as if asleep. The others, representing planets, form a maze dance around the fire.

Devotee: The God Lugh stretches His long white arm above the hills. Across the sky fly the Immortal Children of the Light, the White Swans of Lir. They call upon their sister, who gilds their wings with gold." 

~ Olivia Robertson from 'Summer. Ritual of the Sun' from "Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess" 

(Photo: Olivia conducting a Midsummer Alchemical Ritual at her temple)