Friday, April 21, 2023

Oracle of the Season: Beltane 2023


A new Oracle of the Season has been uploaded to Fellowship of Isis Central Website - Oracle of the Goddess Mahadevi, featured in ritual no. 7, in "Panthea, Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess":  “I am without: I am within: I am the Lover and the Beloved: I am the Knower and the Known: I am the Harmony that reconcileth all things. Know Me.

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Isian News Beltane 2023


Beltane Blessings, Aset Shemsu! Isian News no. 188, Beltane 2023, has been published! The cover features a lovely photo of FOI co-founder Olivia Robertson carrying an offering of flowers to the Belvedere on the grounds of Clonegal Castle. This issue features the Oracle of the Goddess Mahadevi and the ritual Festival of Wesak from the FOI liturgy book “Panthea, Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess” and “Psychic Rescue Work” by FOI co-founder Olivia Robertson.  Editorial “The Time of Blessings” by Hamsa Devi. Book Reviews: “Little Book of Qi” by Janet Seaforth; “Euphrosyne & Harty Spring” by Sonia McNally; Book Recommendation: “The Girl in the Tunnel” by Maureen Sullivan. Heartfelt thanks to the following members for their contributions: Marie Alexander; Normandi Elli’ Caroline Wise; Linda Iles; Patrick Norwood MacAllister; Sara Gamberoni, Kasey Conder, Alexandra Axinte, Michael A. Starsheen; deTraci Regula; Hennie van Geel; Claudiney Prieto; Celia Thomas; Christine Rhone; Baya Rouzoul; Setjataset; Mana Youngbear; Denise Dumars; Sarah Rooke; Ivana Modesto; Shannon Michaela Doree Smith; Ossian D’Ambrosio; Ann Brigit Waters; Sheila Broun. Dulce Domum: Ayah Buonaugurio.


Thank you to all who contributed photos, reports, articles, poetry, and news from their centers!


You may view the current issue as a pdf at this direct link:


Isian News Beltane 2023