Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Elemental Goddess - Mark Your Calendars!

"Mark Your Calendars!"

The Elemental Goddess

A Celebration of the Goddess, London May 6th 2017
10 – 5.30 - £28

For all who love the goddess and all who come in good heart!
Islington Ecology Centre and Gillespie Nature Reserve, easily accessible by public transport.

Air/Intellect. Celebrating the Life and Work of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson (Derry).
An illustrated talk. May 6th is his birthday. We’ll also be looking at the other men who have brought forth the Goddess. By Caroline Wise

Fire: She Walks Among Us - A short talk and then a multi-layered presentation of Sekhmet with invocations, visual, sound content and surprises. Led by Fellowship of Isis Priestesses of Sekhmet.

Earth: Working with terracotta and ochre to make figures of the goddess – to take home. Led by artist and priestess, Sheila Broun.

Water: A talk on The Sea Priestess and Dion Fortune followed by a visualisation exercise.

Spirit - A ceremony bringing the four elements together to honour the goddess Flora, Derry’s favourite goddess, with an Oracle of the Goddess Flora and the bees.
Other speakers and special guests to be announced shortly, with booking information.

(Photo: Lawrence Durdin-Robertson at High Altar, taken by John Merron)