Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Enfolded in the Wings of Isis


We ascend to the realm of Hathor, Goddess of love. We find here the psychic center of love. Love is the heart beat of the universe. You are love. Each of us is born of the Divine Mother. Ator, Ator … Ator. Now we feel a particular gleam in our heart. We feel divine guidance as to how we may help. Silently say the name of someone you know, who may need healing. Angelic beings help Hathor. Feel this healing for yourselves, now that you have given it to someone else, you can ask it for yourselves.” ~ “Enfolded in the Wings of Isis” – by Olivia Robertson


The transcript of the entire guided journey is available on FOI Central Website:




Photo of FOI co-founder Olivia Robertson, courtesy of Dennis Murphy, Logic Reality