Friday, April 16, 2021

Truth and Ethics


“Both of us need encouragement - it isn't pleasant when we have to make a stand against wrongdoing but we are useless if we don't! It’s tough standing up for the truth as we both know – but we are spineless if weak! Too often the ‘Goddess’ and priestesses have been dragged in the mud, including names of cats -all feminine manifestations! It is the will of Isis strengthening me to honor her with underlining emphasis on the ethical reality underlining her Fellowship. And to do this we priestesses need the support and power of the true men dedicated to the Divine goddess and sacred God. The Eye of Horus balances the Uatchat Eye which is ignored too much.” ~ Olivia Robertson, FOI co-founder
Fellowship of Isis Central and the FOI Union Triad will always stand for truth and ethics within the Fellowship of Isis to the best of our ability.
Quote and photo of Eye of Horus drawn by Olivia Robertson, courtesy of Rt. Rev. Kasey Conder