Wednesday, March 18, 2015

FOI London Annual Event - June 7, 2015

She Speaks: the Oracle and the Priestess
 Sunday 7 June 11:00-5:00 

Talks, practical work, techniques and ceremony


At Treadwell’s Bookshop, 33 Store Street, London WC1 7BS
Fellowship of Isis Annual London event, hosted in 2015 by the Iseum of 10,000 Names
£15.00 (booking & payment details to be announced; please do not call Treadwell’s directly)

               To be a vessel for the Oracle of the Goddess was an important function of the priestess in the ancient world. In the modern goddess revival, the oracle is a unique facet of the Fellowship of Isis and appears in all its ritual and ceremonial structure. Olivia Robertson provided her own oracles in the Liturgy. For those working in Lyceums or Iseums, the oracle is given spontaneously from a prepared priestess – an oracle can’t be written and practiced in advance, by its very nature! This event is open to all with an interest in the Goddess.

The purpose of this day is to look at the oracle in history and to give instruction on giving oracles in ceremony, having the confidence and trust to let the goddess speak and preparing the priestess who will bring the oracle through.  With talks, practical work and ceremony, we will look deep into the oracle and see its relevance for the modern age.

Speakers and presenters

Sheila Broun – priestess, artist and teacher at the Goddess Study Centre, Bath – discusses Agnes Whistling Elk's statement: “Dreams and Visions are the Essence of Sacredness.” Jocelyn Chaplin – priestess, author and artist at the Serpent Institute, London – “Oracles, Serpents and String Theory: Exploring the Secrets of the Delphic and Other Oracles.” Special guest Caroline Wise – priestess and author - will demonstrate practical techniques, preparation, invocation of the oracle, experiencing the oracle and closing down, including the oracles of Sekhmet of Fire, Elen of the Dream Ways, Ceridwen of the Land, and Thethys of the Sea.

Ceremony led by members of the Iseum of 10,000 Names, London

Booking & payment details to be announced; please do not call Treadwell’s directly.