Friday, September 12, 2014

Parliament of World's Religions

Kasey Conder with Olivia Robertson and deTraci Regula

The Parliament of World's Religions, Salt Lake City, Utah

The Council for the Parliament of World's Religions has announced Salt Lake City, Utah as the location of their conference in 2015.

Kasey Conder of the Fellowship of Isis in Utah, of Salt Lake City will be coordinating the participation of the Fellowship of Isis with the Parliament of World's Religions.

Kasey has lived in Salt Lake City for several years. He heads a very active Fellowship of Isis group through his Lyceum of Isis Utah. He received a charter from FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson to create a central website for the Fellowship of Isis. In 2011 he hosted Olivia for several days in Salt Lake City for an FOI Event he titled IsisFest.

The dates have been announced: October 15 - October 19
Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

For more information please contact Kasey Conder at:

Google Mobile Number & Voicemail:  801.382.7054

Note from Kasey Conder: "It is an honor to have the event in my home town. I want to make this accommodating for Isians world-wide to commence to Salt Lake City to attend. The last time the Parliament of World Religions was in the United States was in Chicago with Lady Olivia presiding. Olivia and others can attest what a truly remarkable event it is to attend. This will be truly memorable and it is my hope to make it as accommodating as imaginable. It will truly be an honor, to witness many great spiritual leaders, with a great selection of Fellowship of Isis members present to honor the Goddess. We truly will have a vast and great selection of FOI Members representing our organization and it would be great if we could have FOI Members from every inhabitable continent on the globe attend. Blessings of Isis of Fellowship! Olivia considered Salt Lake City a sacred city and had the apparition of the Goddess Uta-Ha of the Wasatch Mountains while she was here."

Members of the Fellowship of Isis wishing to attend the 2015 Parliament of World’s Religions held October 15th to 19th 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA may purchase tickets and register directly with the Parliament of World Religions website. Tickets will not sold by the Lyceum of Isis of Utah and everyone will need to purchase their tickets directly with the Parliament to attend this epic event.

All participants at the Parliament will be able to actively participate with the Fellowship of Isis collective group effort in the Parliament. The Lyceum of Isis of Utah will be coordinating a booth and public presentation with the Parliament. Please email kaseyconder (at) once registered for group coordinating information, etc.

Also a community FOI gathering will commence an evening before the Parliament at Crone’s Hollow in Salt Lake City. This event will cost $15.00 USD and no will be turned away for lack of funds. No pre-registration is required. This will allow us align together before the events with the FOI Current.

Parliament fees applicable members registering:

Registration Fees (Per Person) Individual
Super Saver (Nov 30, 2014) $225
Early Bird (Dec 1–Mar 31, 2015) $325
Advance (April 1–June 30, 2015) $475
Regular (July 1–Oct 14, 2015) $500
Onsite (Oct 15–Oct 19, 2015) $550

Register at…
Parliament of World’s Religions website:

Contact FOI Utah:

Kasey Conder kaseyconder (at) or (801) 755-4419

The 2015 Parliament of World’s Religions theme is:

“Reclaiming the Heart of Our Humanity”

The sub-theme is:
“Working Together for a World of Compassion, Peace, Justice, and Sustainability.”

The 2015 Parliament programing will be around three critical issues and three constituencies.

Three Critical Issues for 2015 are the following: 

• Climate Change and Care for Creation
• War, Violence, and Hate Speech
• The Widening Wealth Gap and Wasteful Consumption

Three Focused Constituencies of 2015 Parliament are these: 

• Women
• Indigenous Communities
• Youth