Friday, October 15, 2010

Re: Isian News Samhain Issue, 2010

Isian News Issue 138 - Samhain 2010, is now available online!

This issue contains the following from Olivia Robertson:
Cover art, “Isis of the Ships” a painting by Olivia Robertson, photo: Minette Quick. A Reflections Article titled “The Awakening” and two new rituals. There are four announcements from Olivia, including her original one about Review of Venue, now accompanied by an updated version written on October 12, along with an announcement on the Muses Symposium and Extension of Publication of FOI Liturgy and Other Works by Olivia.

A Special Offering from Olivia titled “Queen of the World of Spirits: Poem and Notes” by Olivia Robertson, is accompanied by an Oracle and Notes provided by FOI members as requested by Olivia Robertson.

Fellowship of Isis Events, News from Members and Centers are also included.

This is the largest issue of Isian News we’ve published so far.
The issue is available here:

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