Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Goddess of the Grail - The Goddess of Silence

Lyceum of the Goddess of the Grail - The Goddess of Silence has a new website.

This lyceum was founded by Prs. H. Dianne M. Laramee of Southern Ontario, Canada. Dianne has been offering a very successful program of study within the Fellowship of Isis.

Diane writes: "
Working with my belief, that the meaning of life is different for everyone..."Not just a little different, but like a fingerprint"... guidance provided is to assist in living a simplified, meaningful and purposeful life based on your own signature strengths, values and priorities. I've been guiding people from across the world for the last several years, offering an in-depth spiritual awareness course working primarily with the Goddesses Sophia and Isis. In addition, I touch upon the many others guides surrounds the Pries/tess Initiate and I. These courses are offered through email correspondence and personal telephone contact (no Long-Distance Charges incurred for participants). They are designed to lead the student through exercises in relation to move to more advanced path - working visualization skills and magical techniques. The courses are not a "one size fits all", they are highly individualized, based on your personal goals, and your knowledge of ”spiritual awakening".

You can view her new website at the link below. Also included is a link to the her lyceum MySpace site.





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