Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Announcement from Cressida Pryor on the Passing of Loreon Vigne

From Cressida Pryor, custodian of the Fellowship of Isis, niece of FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson:

"I was sorry to hear of Loreon's death and know Olivia was fond of her. My thoughts and sympathies are with those who mourn her passing. With the blessings of Isis, Cressida"

Photo: Loreon Vigne and Olivia Robertson, FOI Convocation, 2010, Geyserville, California

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Tribute to Loreon Vigne

A Tribute to Loreon Vigne, Archpriestess of the Fellowship of Isis
Founder, Temple of Isis in Geyserville, California

June 8, 1932 - July 15, 2014

We mourn the passing of Loreon Vigne, Archpriestess and founder of the Temple of Isis in Geyserville. She was able to loving serve the Goddess up until the time she crossed over the rainbow bridge. A beautiful tribute to Loreon has been uploaded to Fellowship of Isis Central. Dearest Loreon, the realization of your passing is sinking in and we are filled with grief, yet we also have hope, in that now after decades of service to the Goddess, you truly wear Isis Wings and are surrounded by the protective arms of the Goddess you loved so dearly and served as Priestess:

Dulce Domum: Loreon Vigne 

For more information on the work of Loreon Vigne you may wish to visit The Founding of the Temple of Isis page in our Fellowship of Isis History Archive section or read the Biography of Loreon Vigne Other informational pages about Loreons life and work: The First FOI Convocations and Isis Invicta Military Mission

Photo above: Loreon Vigne standing in front of the Isis Chapel wearing her Isis wings!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Midsummer Seasonal Festival at Clonegal Castle, Ireland

 Garden Gate, Foundation Centre


Presented by Members of the Priesthood and the Circle of Brigid 

Our Coordinator, Cait presided throughout a delightful programme of events. The Sun had blazed down on Ireland for several days as a large gathering of members met with our guests and enjoyed some refreshments in the Café before the Solstice Celebrations began. The Castle arranges many events for visitors and there were plants for sale and tables outside to enjoy the sunshine. Nature’s incredible energy seemed to have culminated in a display of glorious abundance in the beautifully kept grounds. Indeed, a cascade of enchanting bluish-lilac roses tumbled down the wall beside the gate into the garden and begged us to stop and smell its gentle perfume as the happy and relaxed company finally set off in Procession.

It is the custom to sing our way in Procession down to Dana’s sacred Grove to invoke Her presence, then up to the Goddess Tara’s home in the Ancient Abbey; and yet, there was a sense of deep stillness behind it all at this balancing point of the year, and we were glad to invoke not only the Goddesses but also Lady Olivia who so loved these places. Her presence is still very much with us it seems from the reports of so many from far and wide who have experienced her continuing support in their lives, attesting to her words that we shall find, to our delight, having crossed over the barrier of death, that in truth we can do far more from there to help those we love. Finally approaching Persephone’s Gate, Her presence was invoked to prepare us to enter. The Temple of Isis awaited, its energy wonderfully renewed by the dedication of our members who have given generously of their time and devotion over the past few months to undertake a regular programme of step by step cleaning, replenishing and honouring the sacred energies so long cared for by Lady Olivia. This work will provide a foundation from which to continue her work into The New Aeon which she cared so passionately about. So many thanks to everyone who has taken part so far. We shall all have a chance to contribute in this way in support of Pamela, Olivia’s Great Niece who has worked tirelessly throughout. We cannot thank her enough.

 Entrance to Chapel of the Well

At the Well we all gathered to invoke Deity and bestow the customary individual blessings from the Goddess. We were delighted to welcome two of our much-loved senior Priestesses who have not been able to come down for a while. This was followed by a powerful Oracle from the Un-Named One through Her Priestess. Though spoken in quiet tones there could be no doubting that we are each asked to listen for and respond to Her Voice in our everyday life, to stand for protecting our Planet and everything on it in justice for all, not just the fortunate few. We were then taken on an Inner walk in Nature by Eimear, passing on through a mist ‘between the worlds’ into a wooded clearing at the centre of which was a mighty Oak, and many wonders transpired and were reported later. It was good to hear new voices speaking of their sacred experience in a supportive space. Next we all joined in a lively Goddess chant led by Deirdre, and accompanied by sacred rattle. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all and provided an excellent atmosphere for our Solstice Mystery Play presented by Marian, “The Enlivening Rite of Aine and Dagdha” and enacted by her small band of players in the following roles: Ceridwen and Her Cauldron, The Irish Goddess Aine – As Summer Fairy Queen, The Irish God known as the Dagdha Mor; together with their two youthful assistants who volunteered their services on the day; The Summer Princess; the Hawk Prince her protector. Inspired by Ceridwen, the Goddess and God spoke on behalf of the true nature of ‘Femininity and Masculinity’ acting in harmony and cooperation. A beeswax candle was lighted and our young Summer Princess and Hawk Prince processed with it around the Temple in and amongst the assembled company before returning to share sweets with all to the lively strains of an Irish Jig which ended in general merriment. Proceedings drew to a close with the usual announcements of upcoming events, and included the success of one of our members at the recent Irish Council elections which she has been working towards for some time. Olivia knew of her work and had supported her wholeheartedly, as indeed she always did with each and every one of us who had set our hearts on a path of service to our communities in whatever way we felt drawn.

Short healing sessions were offered as is customary to those who wished to receive them. As ever it was a wonderful gathering at Foundation Centre to continue to celebrate the 8 Annual Festivals. We all thoroughly enjoyed meeting up for tea afterwards and catching up in excellent company.

Minette Quick (Hon. Sec. Circle of Brigid)

Photos and text  © Fellowship of Isis Central Website.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Inner Sanctum Symposium of Infinite Possibilities

Mark your Calendars! August 22-24  at Isis Oasis
Inner Sanctum Symposium of Infinite Possibilities

This is a community -driven event with lectures and workshops on practical application of skills, knowledge and high magic within the Egyptian Pantheon of Mysteries.  Workshops and lectures will be taught by Priests and Priestesses with specific gifts of knowledge to help you with new ways to tap into your connections with the Divine, or enhance your already well fortified toolbox.

For more information please visit isissymposium.blogspot.com

Those who wish to present should contact Rain Graves at rain.graves@gmail.com

Photo of entrance to the Main Temple at Isis Oasis.

News from Isis Oasis

News from Isis Oasis!

Isis Oasis is proud to be hosting the Geyserville Chamber of Commerce Summer BBQ on Tuesday evening June 10. 

We are expecting about 300 people, many of whom have not been here since we hosted the Chamber dinners over 20 years ago.  We will have a band playing on the deck, a large BBQ truck offering food and 10 wineries pouring wine in the Pavilion. We are hoping to have a belly dancing performance as well to dazzle the locals. 

And …

Geyserville has a new Ankh Throne!

Just as you get off the freeway, there is a sculpture park, which now includes a new earthen cob Ankh Throne, which is made from a straw bale and pallets filled with plastic bottles, covered in Earth.  Students from Geyserville High school helped make and set the adobe bricks used for the steps of the throne.  The Throne will be on display until next May, and possibly beyond.  Permission has been given as well for a new earthen bus stop to be built right outside Isis Oasis which will happen soon.

Isis Oasis will be hosting a week long summer camp focused on natural building for children ages 9-12. The camp will be lead by Miguel, aka "Sir Cobalot"  and other guest instructors.  Children can come for one day, or stay all week.  To register or for more information, please contact Miguel at livingearthstructures@yahoo.com

Photo above: "Hobbit Hut" created by Miguel Elliott at Isis Oasis.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Festival Report for Beltaine

Many thanks to all who worked so hard to contribute to this delightful Festival which we celebrated together as ever with so much enjoyment.  Particular thanks to Maire Doyle who has recently joined us in the Circle of Brigid for coordinating everything on this occasion.


Presented by Members of the Priesthood & the Circle of Brigid
The Star of the Day at Clonegal was undoubtedly Nature Herself, bursting forth in absolutely glory and astonishing growth since our last gathering for the Vernal Equinox this year, and it was impossible not to experience the raising of our spirits at this wonderful time of year.   After meeting and greeting in the Castle Tea Rooms we gathered in the Theatre which adjoins them.  This has been freshly decorated and provides a wonderful and unusual venue for year-round events at the Castle, which we very much appreciate being able to use for Festivals.

Marian then commenced proceedings with a beautiful energy raising exercise based on Ra and His connection to the Land, so that we might go forth in Procession chanting and remembering the Egyptian Traditional understanding that all of Nature, together with all Beings expresses the innate presence of both God and Goddess within All its manifestations.  This provided a lovely introduction to our Procession to the Grove of the Druid Clan of Dana, led by Eimear and David down through the Orchard and on to the Yew Walk and paths through the Wilderness where on every side tall fresh green growth and flowers crowded alongside us as we walked! 

David opened the Portal to the Grove between two of the great Redwoods which form the magnificent Grove of these incredibly tall trees, which were planted only in the early 1900’s, but create a cathedral-like energy within which to invoke the Goddess Dana. We are blessed to have access to it.  We then made our way onwards for Invocations first at the Abbey, home of the Noble Order of Tara, and then at Persephone’s Gateway to the Temple of Isis, and then beside Brigid’s Well of Truth followed by individual Blessings to all given by the Priesthood.  Maìre presided over the Ceremonies at the High Altar and, we had a wise and deep Oracle from the Goddess Danu through her Priestess, Eimear. 

Luke took us on a Journey through the Land & the Sacred Fires traditional at this time, and we heard a fine Beltaine poem created by Sarah.  Then came one of our popular Mystery Plays!  This time it celebrated the Festival of the Sacred Marriage, the mystery of the fertile land being brought to life again by the return of the potency of the Sun.  The fiery interchange between the God & Goddess was ably represented by Deirdre and David and sparks flew as it became clear that not only was there was much wisdom in what they both had to say, but no quarter was given on the important matter of equality and respect, to be both given and received!  All this was received with great delight as ever in the Temple where Olivia always made us laugh!

After thanks were given to Deity for their undoubted presence throughout, short healings were given to those who requested them, and everyone repaired to Osborne’s in the Village for a well deserved home-made tea, and plenty of enjoyable conversation with new and old friends.  I will conclude with a short poem of my own which I also gave at the end of the ceremony in honour of the incredible abundance of so many spring flowers this year after the terrible earlier rains and floods.

“Daffodils, their crumpled petticoats though faded
Still suffuse my senses with their silken perfume.
Those fragrant edges of the stems
Evoke an ancient friendship
Firm and upright, loyal, true,
A knowing that has been for ever Spring!”

Photo and text  © Fellowship of Isis Central Website.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Remembering Olivia

April 13, 2014 - Today we honor Olivia Robertson on what would have been her 97th birthday. May your travels be gentle and joyous in the Summerlands beloved Olivia! We created several photo galleries for Olivia in honor of her work for the Fellowship of Isis. Here are two in particular you may enjoy: Olivia Robertson Through the Years and Olivia Robertson's Online Art Gallery

Photo courtesy of P. McCarthy. Photo and text  © Fellowship of Isis Central Website.