Friday, October 22, 2010

Luisah Teish Returning for Workshop in Los Angeles

From Anniitra Ravenmoon:

Alafia Dear Ones:

I know that February is 4 months away, but I want to give you a heads up. Chief Luisah Teish will be here the First week of February for a mini workshop "Black Goddesses, Queens, and Spirit Women". Also Luisah will be bringing Materials/Fabrics from her travels for sale. She will have fabrics from Africa, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Hawaii, New Zealand and Europe. She may also have a few altar objects for auction.

Dates and times to be announced.

Anniitra"MaKafia UtchatiNu"Ravenmoon
Priestess Hierophant Iseum/Lyceum of the Nubian Moon Los Angeles, California

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