Thursday, November 13, 2014

Olivia Isis Risen

In honor of the first anniversary of the passing of Olivia Robertson, on November 14. Please join us in honoring her life and work. Last year members participated in a simple rite “Say My Name That I May Live”. This rite was conceived by the late Laura Janesdaughter. This year, we revive the ritual with a new twist.

In your daily devotions: Light a candle on your altar and then sound a bell one ring. (You can sound a sistrum, singing bowl or gong if you don’t have a bell) accompanied by “I say your name and know you live, Olivia Robertson. Olivia, Isis risen.”

The candle may be flanked on either side with mirrors to produce a “mirror magic” Olivia discovered in the temple. In this way, the flame will be “multiplied in both directions, theoretically to infinity” to form “a reflective fractal…” So magically the flame dedicated to Olivia can shine outward into infinity.

Olivia wrote: “The mirrors represent the moon - a candle, the sun joined as if in an eclipse. We can place crystals, images of Deities, food, drink - anything that requires multiplication. But how to form our rainbow lines of communication with static objects? Simple. The smoke of incense coils and wreathes itself in unending spirals forming a spiritual network from a Goddess altar to altars around the world, and with spiritual spheres.”  

(Photo courtesy of P. McCarthy © Fellowship of Isis Central Website)