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Dulce Domum, Jocelyn Almond

Jocelyn Almond
1956 - 2014

Dulce Domum. It is with deep sadness we learned of the passing of Jocelyn Almond.

Jocelyn Almond was born in 1956 in Great Britain. She met her husband Keith Seddon in 1975. They married in 1977. She attained a BA degree with first class honors in Studies in the Humanities from the University of Hertfordshire in 1982, and a PhD in Philosophy from University College, London in 1986. 

In the early 1990s both Jocelyn and her husband became members of the the Fellowship of Isis. In 1995 she became a Priestess-Hierophant and offered Magi Degree courses by correspondence through her Lyceum of Isis Myrionymous. In 2001 she was appointed to the Archpriesthood Union, one of the three unions that form the FOI Foundation Union Triad.  Jocelyn’s own teacher for priestess training, Beryl Stockhill, had requested that Jocelyn take her position as an archpriesthood union member, shortly before Beryl’s passing in 2001.

Jocelyn was also a published author, "Egyptian Paganism", "An Egyptian Book of Shadows" and "Tarot for Lovers" are among the many titles she had co-written with her husband, Keith Seddon. Her popular solo work "The Fall of Xeirozogenes" was first published in the British science fiction and fantasy magazine "Vortex" in 1977 under the pseudonym Carol Bewley, and later re-published in December, 2008. Besides her work as an author, Jocelyn also served as a correspondence tutor for Fairfax University, USA.

The staff of the Mirror of Isis, an e-zine of the Fellowship of Isis was very proud to feature a lovely article written by Jocelyn just for this publication titled “Dark Gifts from Black Isis". It was included in the Beltane, 2009 issue.

"When the veil rises and we are finally consumed in the fire of Divine glory, the source from which we all came, nothing will be left of us but love." - from "Dark Gifts from Black Isis" by Jocelyn Almond

Books by Jocelyn Almond:

“The Fall of Xeirozogenes”, published by Keith Seddon, 2008
“The Barricaded Tower”, published by Jocelyn Almond, 2010
“The Book of Job”, Lulu, 2011
“The Lady of Shalott” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, with an introduction by Jocelyn Almond, Lulu, 2011

Books by Jocelyn Almond and Keith Seddon:

“Faceless Tarot”, Dunscaith Publishing, 1989
“Tarot For Relationships: A Practical Guide to Understanding Love and Sex From
Tarot Reading”, Thorsons, 1990
“Tarot For Lovers”, Thorsons, 1996
“Understanding Tarot: A Practical Guide to Tarot Card Reading”, Thorsons. 1995
“An Egyptian Book Of Shadows: Eight Seasonal Rites for Egyptian Paganism”, Thorsons, 2000
“A Book of Egyptian Ritual: The Seasonal Rites of Egyptian Paganism”, Thorsons, 2002
“Egyptian Paganism For Beginners: Bring the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt Into Daily Life”, Llewellyn 2004
“Precepts and Teachings of Ancient Egypt”, (Keith Seddon, Jocelyn Almond and Philippe Virey) Lulu, 2011

Fellowship of Isis Rites:

Dulce Domum. The Soul Returns Home

The Fair Haven. Communion with Friends and Family in Spirit World
(Shared by and written by Olivia Robertson at Isis Oasis, 2009)

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