Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The Circle of Isis Prayer
by Olivia Robertson, ArchPriestess
and Fellowship of Isis co-founder

Isis, You were the Past,
The suffering Wife,
The suffering Mother.

Isis, You are the Present,
Defender of the Abused,
Whether children or animals,
And of all beings who suffer.

You are the Winged Isis of the Future,
Who brings Star Power!

Our past is the Earth,
Our present is the Sun,
But our future is the Stars!

So, Holy Isis,
Daughter of the Sky Goddess Nuit,
Whose Divine Starry Body is the Milky Way,
Inspire us with hope, creativity and joy,
That we may bravely, and with hope,
Live into a wonderful and inspiring future.

So be it!

This prayer was written by Olivia Robertson after she founded the Circle of Isis Advisory Board at Isis Oasis, October, 2004.

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