Thursday, July 15, 2010

Founding Principles of the Fellowship of Isis

The Fellowship of Isis Manifesto contains the founding principles of the FOI. It begins:

"Growing numbers of people are rediscovering their love for the Goddess. At first, this love may seem to be no more than an inner feeling. But soon it develops; it becomes a longing to help the Goddess actively in the manifestation of Her divine plan. Thus, one hears such inquiries as, "How can I get initiated into the Mysteries of the Goddess? How can I experience a closer communion with her? Where are her nearest temples and devotees? How can I join the priesthood of the Goddess?", and many other such questions.

The Fellowship of Isis has been founded to answer these needs."

To read the manifesto in full please use the links below:

FOI Manifesto in English

in Spanish

in German

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