Friday, April 24, 2020

Isian News Beltane, issue no. 176, 2020

Beltane Greetings Aset Shemsu! Isian News for Beltane 2020 has just been published. You may view it here:  Isian News no. 176 Beltane 2020

Cover art: Photo of Olivia Robertson, Isis Oasis, 2005, by Timothy Laughrin. Oracle: The Goddess Terra of Rome. Editorial: Hearth of the Mother by Olivia Robertson, intro by Linda Iles. Daily Attunement Times & FOI Daily Prayer. Announcements: FOI Liturgy Recordings. Isian Rite of Healing. Translations of the FOI Liturgy. FOI Events. Reports: WyldFyreMagic Incense Blends by Lettie Vann. Hieroglyphic Words or Power (and Oracle Deck) by Normandi Ellis; Reviewed by Linda Iles. ‘Who are the Tuatha de Danaan’ by Hamsa Devi on Karen Tate’s blog talk radio show “Voices of the Sacred Feminine”. Bridget Ritual Prayer Circle: Mana Youngbear & Ann Brigit Waters. Muses Symposium: Rebirth After Destruction by Olivia Robertson. Dust of Fools by David de Roeck. Spirits of the Land in Challenging Times and Places by Caroline Wise. Running with Sekhmet by Michael A. Starsheen. I Treat All Altars with Respect by Mana Youngbear. Isian Healing Ritual by FOI members. The Morrigan by Fortunata Kore Korakion. Goddess World: Priestess Pilgrimage to Egypt by Anandha Ray. Animal Family of Isis: Princess the Cat. Dulce Domum: Katharine Moore. Caryl Joy Cambell. Tom Pierce. Julie Felix (Tribute and photos contributed by Celia Thomas). Warren Zook.

Photo courtesy of Tim Laughrin, used by permission.