Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Silvery Grotto of Diana

"Enter into the silvery grotto, it’s marvelous, everything seems silvery. There are deer here and there are animals, everything is beautiful. And there is the Queen there, Queen Diana, queen of magic, queen of night. Beautiful. While we lie in bed losing our consciousness in sleep, she is always there, and she is here with us now. We ask her to make our dreams come true. We ask her to bring her dreams to us, and she will show them to us in her mirror during the coming year on earth. She summons our dreams in the magic of beauty and love. Out in dreams we wander, venture, we venture throughout space. Having the traveler’s heart we turn about. She holds the magic mirror. And she shows that what we dream at night happens next day. Believe it. Yes, this is true. We leave our dreams for now, to have another dream." ~ Excerpt from a guided journey given by Olivia Robertson in Phoenix, Arizona, November 12, 2001. Photo: courtesy of Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality

The entire guided journey is offered at Fellowship of Isis Central: Dawn of the New Aeon