Friday, June 16, 2017

Alchemy of Sekhmet

“… you ascend to the sovereign sun, to the temple of Ra. It is a golden temple with lions at the gates. You see the presiding Goddess - it is Sekhmet. She is crowned with the sun and sends out a glorious energy. It is the golden light that nourishes the earth. She asks you to help the earth. You want to know how to help the earth and all creatures upon it. … You feel a glow, an energy within your solar plexus and heart, you see the inner star, the immortal essence in all that is, feel it shine forth within you, as the Daughters and Sons of Ra … you can face evil and turn it into good … that is the true alchemy of Sekhmet.” ~ Olivia Robertson, excerpt, transcript, guided journey, Isis Oasis, 2008

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Photos courtesy of Olivia Robertson. Painting by Olivia Robertson of Sekhmet as Eye of Ra, and icon of Sekhmet guarding the temple entrance.