Thursday, March 12, 2015

39th Anniversary of the Founding of the Fellowship of Isis

The Fellowship of Isis was founded on the Vernal Equinox in 1976, which was a very good year. The upcoming Vernal Equinox on Friday, March 20, marks the FOI’s thirty-ninth anniversary. This is a time to celebrate the Hearth of the Goddess, as originally conceived by the three FOI Co-Founders, whose sacred flame has spread to hearths and shrines throughout the world. So many gifted Members daily tend their private hearths, shrines and altars with due reverence to this Divine purpose. Let us join together on this day, by attunement in meditation, ritual and prayer – as this sacred Flame burns within our hearts, let it lead us to the Divine Inspiration of the Goddess – as we tend the flames of Her hearth in our homes, in loving memory of our past, enjoyment of our present being, and with rich anticipation of a sacred path we carve for our future.

Photo: FOI Co-Founders Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and his sister, Olivia Robertson, in the Conservatory. © Fellowship of Isis Central