Friday, August 8, 2014

Message from Pamela Currey

Received from Minette Quick: "I have been asked if this message could be sent out to members on the Fellowship websites from Olivia's Great Niece Pamela who, as many may know, lives in Clonegal with her family and looked after her for several years, and was very dear to her. Minette"

Message from Pamela Currey
Sincere apologies to all friends who contacted Olivia by post, but may have received no reply during the last few months of her life last year. We thank you all for your kindness.

It was a period of convalescence and contemplation for her and in many ways she withdrew and focused her intentions on the inner world.

Pamela Currey

Photo: Pamela Currey, her daughter, Otto the Oberlander, Olivia and Cressida. All rights reserved, please do not reproduce.