Friday, June 6, 2014

News from Isis Oasis

News from Isis Oasis!

Isis Oasis is proud to be hosting the Geyserville Chamber of Commerce Summer BBQ on Tuesday evening June 10. 

We are expecting about 300 people, many of whom have not been here since we hosted the Chamber dinners over 20 years ago.  We will have a band playing on the deck, a large BBQ truck offering food and 10 wineries pouring wine in the Pavilion. We are hoping to have a belly dancing performance as well to dazzle the locals. 

And …

Geyserville has a new Ankh Throne!

Just as you get off the freeway, there is a sculpture park, which now includes a new earthen cob Ankh Throne, which is made from a straw bale and pallets filled with plastic bottles, covered in Earth.  Students from Geyserville High school helped make and set the adobe bricks used for the steps of the throne.  The Throne will be on display until next May, and possibly beyond.  Permission has been given as well for a new earthen bus stop to be built right outside Isis Oasis which will happen soon.

Isis Oasis will be hosting a week long summer camp focused on natural building for children ages 9-12. The camp will be lead by Miguel, aka "Sir Cobalot"  and other guest instructors.  Children can come for one day, or stay all week.  To register or for more information, please contact Miguel at

Photo above: "Hobbit Hut" created by Miguel Elliott at Isis Oasis.