Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fellowship of Isis Gathering in London

Fellowship of Isis London Gathering
Saturday, May 17, 2014

Central London Venue 10:30 - 5:30

Special Guest Delores Ashcroft Nowicki

Presentations from Cressida Pryor,

Plus - Sheila Broun speaking on Sulis, Silina and the Suleviae

Caroline Wise - Dreams of Horses, Wolves, Deer and Swans – finding the goddess and her allies in the British Landscape. Wells, Shrines, Rivers and Woods. With some practical work and tips for goddess dream work. 

Other Guest Speakers to be Announced - £20 for booking details

 If you would like to join us on Sunday 18th May for an optional 3 hour 
Goddess Walk of London, 1.30pm -4.30pm, add £12. 
If it is raining we will have a fascinating Goddess Tour of the British Museum. 

Gain courage. Cherish humility. Be original: respect the originality of others. 
Use your imagination: yet know that all you visualise manifests in some sphere; 
so let your visions be true and noble. When you achieve My Grael you will find Hy Brasil all around you: in the room where you dream: in the bird-filled tree outside 
your open window: in the eyes of all who love you. 

From Oracle of the Goddess Cerridwen through Olivia Robertson. 
Sybil: Part V. Radiations of the Zodiac

Photo above: Olivia’s desk in her study where all her letters, Isian News and 
Liturgy Books were written. Her work goes on through the Fellowship of Isis. 
Photo courtesy of M. Quick ©Fellowship of Isis Central Website

"The goddess doesn’t subtract, she adds." - Olivia Robertson