Thursday, January 30, 2014

Article on Olivia Robertson in new issue of Pagan Dawn Magazine

Received from Caroline Wise:

I was sitting in a cafe in Dublin, dazed and depressed and drinking tea, en route to Olivia's funeral, when an email came through on my phone from David Sporffoth requesting an obituary of Olivia for Pagan Dawn, the magazine of the Pagan Federation. The problem was, it was needed in a couple of days! Linda Iles and I managed to do this, although I felt so cold, it was difficult for me to type on the ipad! Now the finished article is out, I am proud of it, especially so when we had to turn it around so quickly at a difficult time. David is Publications Officer of the Pagan Federation and an FOI member who took part in out Mystery of the Spheres memorial rite on Sunday. There will be a much bigger and more in-depth study of Olivia coming out in another magazine in March. Watch this space.

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