Monday, July 1, 2013

Message from Olivia Robertson

Received July 1, 2013

F.O.I. Why No Secrecy?

In the scriptures it is written that in the end days that the thoughts of all hearts shall be revealed. It means that there shall be communication by telepathy as well as speech. Animals and birds do this anyway; for example wolves and migratory birds. Secrecy has led to a build-up of power for certain groups, which can lead to a sense of superiority and privilege, and a contempt for ordinary people. It can lead to a feeling of self-importance and more dangerous has led to a culture where individuals hand over their power to power seekers.

Even good vows are bindings of the soul and inhibit freedom of choice. They are also associated with secrecy. The uninhibited flow and communion between ourselves, plants and animals reflect the friendliness and beauty of the other world, which is beyond death. Friendly communion by telepathy is the language of the spirit world. Bad feeling and deceit are exposed and dissolve. Now the two worlds, the psychic world and ourselves, are coming closer together, with communion of vision and telepathy. In the new eon, there will be no death, only a change of consciousness.

FOI is a pioneer for this golden flow communion, without secret binding. We can have equal communion between Goddess and God and the humblest of insects. Many people already inform the bees of their family news! Nevermore will there be a feeling of loneliness. We are all surrounded by a Rainbow Flow of Love.

Olivia Robertson
Co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis
Assisted by Rev Marian Smiles

Photo courtesy of Michael Starsheen, used by permission. All rights reserved.