Monday, May 27, 2013

Changing Faces of the Temple - May 25, 2013

The Druid Clan of Dana
The Noble Order of Tara
The College of Isis
Notices of their Dedication are displayed in the pre-druid
Well Shrine of Brigid

Notice of the TEMPLE of ISIS, Clonegal
Below painting of SCOTA
Listed as forbear of the Robertsons
Descended from Ancient Egypt

At the Gateway Entrance to the Well Shrine,
Notice of Dedication in Gaeilge to Brigid,
Who had a Priory near the Castle

Shrine to Sun sign of Libra
Presided over by NIAMH
Who brought spiritual knowledge of
Atlantis, the Sidhe (Faeries) and Dana
To Oisin a human Irish hero.
Dedicated to The College of Isis,
Wooden plaque of Coat of Arms of Magdalen College, Oxford,
Where family scholars studied under the auspices of Magdalen as spiritual teacher.
The continuation of this takes place in the Old Mill House,
Which houses lectures, exhibitions and events of various kinds.

Shrine of Sagittarius,
Presided over by THE MORRIGAN, Queen of All Rivers at Full Flow,
 All Springs & Wells, She is the Virgin Source – the Baive.
 Her husband is THE DAGDA MOR, Chief of the Danaans
She is also AN CAILLEACH, the Widow, She Who Weeps.
Where Her Daughter, a tributary, joins her,
A Goddess Centre is traditionally established.
. The Castle is on the Banks of the River Derry (‘Daire’)
which is a tributary of the ‘River of Healing’- the Slaney (‘Slainte’).
The FOI as a Daughter of the Goddess has established the ‘New Awakening’
And dedicated it as the Druid Clan of Dana,
Based in the Druid Grove in the Wilderness in the grounds of the Castle.

Presided over by Child Figure of BRIDE to the left.
The notice on the wall represents the
Of The Tears of Truth & The White Dove
Of the Holy Spirit descending into the Grail

Original High East Window
Shrine of the GOD ANGUS OG
 & the Silver-White Power of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL
Dedicated to members of the GOLDEN DAWN
On the Wall below is
The GODDESS TARA Who Presides over
The Noble Order of Tara
In Her FOI Priory in The Old Abbey in the Castle grounds,
And is represented here by a plaque
Dedicated to Her Service to all Nature

On the Main North-East Wall,
Painting of
She Presides over the New Atlantis, the Americas & the British Isles.
She has a statue of ATLANTIA outside the Temple
 We also have Her on the banks of The Derry, (‘Daire’) ‘River of Swans.’
The Water of Heaven descends upon the Earth
And sinks down into the Underworld with Persephone & other Goddesses,
And then springs forth, drawn up by the Sun,
Becomes cloud and descending returns to Earth as Rain.
Ireland is cradled by the Atlantic Ocean and all rivers ultimately flow back to Her
Brigid Na Mara

“We all come from the Goddess, and to Her we shall return,
Like a drop of rain, flowing to the Ocean.”

All photos by Minette Quick, text by Olivia Robertson. All text and photos are copyrighted. All rights reserved.