Thursday, April 19, 2012

Temple of Isis Utah

Temple of Isis Utah has a beautiful new website:

Temple of Isis Utah holds public rites to the Goddess Isis of 10,000 Names every second Sunday of the month at 2 pm at Crone's Hollow, 2470 S. Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah. Current information on dates and times can be found on the Isis of Utah Webpage at

Temple of Isis Utah also holds a public meet & greet the fourth Friday of each month at Crone's Hollow, 6 pm, to discuss Isis, Queen of Heaven and other Goddess related Egyptian esoteric concepts. Also the Grove of Isis and Uta (Druid Clan of Dana) will outline upcoming plans at the meet and greets.

The temple was founded by Kasey E. Conder, Pr. H. SA., in 2008. The Lyceum of Auset of Heru em Aakhuti, also founded by him, focuses on studying and teaching the esoteric sciences and Egyptian & other many cultural Mysteries connected with the great goddess Isis. The Temple of Isis Utah (Fellowship of Isis Utah) is the host for Isis Fest 2012.

Full details can be found at
Telephone: 801.755.4419

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