Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In Memory of Pamela Durdin-Robertson

In honor of FOI Co-Founder Pamela Durdin-Robertson who was born February 14th, 1923: “I think of earth as the floor of a cathedral where altar and Presence are everywhere…birds and trees and grass and tinted air and myself seemed but one mood or companionship, and I felt a certitude that the same spirit was in all. A little breaking of the barriers and being would mingle with being… When we turn from books to living nature we begin to understand the ancient wisdom, and it is no longer an abstraction… out of rock, mountain, water, tree, bird, beast or man the seraph spirits of all that live shall emerge realising their kinship, and all together, fierce things made gentle, and timid things made bold, and small made great…” - “The Candle of Vision”, AE (George William Russell)

Text and Photo © The Circle of Isis Advisory Board, Fellowship of Isis Central Global Website. Photo provided by John Merron, Elen of the Greenways Lyceum, London.