Monday, September 5, 2011

An Important Anniversary inFOI History

Photo, above, Isis Oasis, FOI Convocation, September 1990. From left to right: Vicki, Edith, Morgan, Loreon, Paul, Diane, Coro, Otter and Morning Glory.

The month of September marks an important event in Fellowship of Isis history. In 1990 the first world conventions/convocations for the Fellowship of Isis took place. The first was organized by Caroline Wise, held in London. Shortly afterward, the first Convocation of the Fellowship of Isis hosted by the Temple of Isis in Geyserville took place at Isis Oasis. This event was organized by Loreon Vigne.

Photos and a detailed report about each of these events are available here:

The First FOI Convocations

Photo © Loreon Vigne. Used by permission. Text © The Circle of Isis Advisory Board, Fellowship of Isis Central Global Website.