Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Messages from Olivia Robertson in London

1. From Olivia Robertson: I am heartened, joyful and uplifted by the goddess inspired messages some from very old friends that I love to hear from and all the new members especially in far off lands from Foundation Centre.

2. From Olivia on a sofa in London this morning: What came to me as a message from Isis for any of you is that we are now through this web communion, gaining this new age telepathy which already unites the world of spirit which we exist in, where we are come from before birth and where we go to in the change called death. Therefore when we post messages of happiness, humour, kindness, we are reaching out to people we love in Spirit World. The veil is dissolving. This web is a way of learning the Enochian language of Angels.

3. The Fellowship of Isis is a way that Isis is able to create a communion of hearts, and reception of truth. Her Fellowship is bringing harmony to solitary members who now find their spiritual family here which is growing in Fellowship with love, joy and the creative arts. The solitary member may join here with fellow souls in finding new creativity and discovering the creativity of others. Isis is the muse of ten thousand gifts. This world wide web page joins us in Fellowship of Isis Community Projects.

Postcript to above from Olivia Robertson:

Someone of my generation is utterly amazed at this world wide web - as soon as I gave the message above, three members from Indonesia, America and Britain responded supportively almost at once! I thank you for joining such attunement in Fellowship. I feel my brother Lawrence in Spirit World is joining us.

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